Artificial Intelligence & Smart Factory

Aimtory is a technology-based company that develops artificial intelligence algorithms that make efficient decisions by integrating unstructured data such as image and video data and various structured data. Aimtory is a company that competes with the achievements of making the best performance through various data processing and analysis technologies based on high internal technology, rather than the simple development currently applied in the industry.
Based on high technology, Aimtory is doing design, process automation, productivity and process optimization, abnormal pattern detection, error and failure prediction, and demand forecasting, which are numerous problems to be solved in the past of the smart factory. The company is composed of artificial intelligence experts and smart factory experts. All smart factory solutions extract results at the real-time level for quick decision-making, and make more efficient processes by predicting anomalies before they are detected.
In addition to simple sensor data analysis, computer vision technology is also applied to replenish meaningful information while deriving high performance. As a detailed solution, data on problems in all parts of the factory such as equipment abnormality detection prediction, equipment inspection and failure prediction, defective product prediction, productivity optimization, process optimization, data processing, production planning, inventory forecasting, raw material price forecasting, and demand forecasting It is a solution based on decision making.