Driven by Innovative Charging Solutions to provide "Hassle-Free EV-Life"

EVAR developed World’s First “Autonomous EV Charging Robot” and spun off from Samsung Electronics to create a “Hassle-Free EV Charging Experience”.
To solve the problems of current EV charging infrastructures such as insufficient parking spots and limited power-grid, we used ESS(Energy Storage System) and innovative technology to invent “Mobile Rapid Chargers” and “Dynamic Load-Balancing EV Chargers”. Using these technologies, we can effectively and efficiently provide EV charging service where limited parking spots and power grids exist.
Our continuous research and development lead to multiple Patents and Intellectual Property Rights in indoor autonomous driving, robotics, and EV charging.
Furthermore, we have launched “On-Demand Charging Service” for the first time in South Korea, where EV Charger comes to the driver to request EV charging.
Along with our advanced EV chargers, our cloud-based S/W platform provides total solutions for EV charging service provider.
To bring more convenient EV life to reality and expedite the EV era, EVAR will continuously strive to make new and efficient EV charging service.