AI-based predictive maintenance solution

ATECH Co.,Ltd has an AI-based predictive maintenance solution that can prevent secondary damage by accurately judging the fault condition of the motor based on sensor fusion data usingthe current and magnetic flux of the driving motor, excluding the expensive vibration sensor. In addition, it has recently entered into a partnership with Hyundai Motor to carry out investment and research projects. In the case of electric vehicles, cost reductionis essential for various technologies to be applied to mass production. By using this solution, OEMs can also pursue a high cost-benefit ratio, which is expected to bring innovation to the electric vehicle drive motor market. ATECH Co.,Ltd is composed of talentedpeople based on electrical and electronic and computer engineering such as IoT-based H/W development technology, web-based S/W solution development technology, and motor analysis S/W technology. In particular, through many years of research, such as designand control technology for permanent magnet synchronous motors, and extraction technology for physical characteristics for each defective case, the electric vehicle drive motor diagnosis research capability has been secured. By preemptively diagnosing drivemotor failures, we plan to build a long-term safety response ecosystem for electric vehicles by preventing driver damage that will occur in an eco-friendly mobility society in advance