Angelswing provides a drone data solution that helps smart construction management with on-site virtualization technology

“Since its first commercialization in 2018, more than 70% of the top 20 construction companies in the contract rankings have adopted the Angelswing solution, and it is establishing itself as the drone data solution that knows the construction site best. In addition, based on the company’s mission to improve the inefficiency of the construction industry and to solve industrial and social problems with innovative technologies, we also advance into the fields of mining/aggregate, disaster and environment, and urban planning to spread technology and expand the industrial area. is also leading the way.
Angelswing solution is a cloud-based software platform that provides functions optimized for construction sites in Korea. It processes and analyzes large-capacity data captured by drones to completely virtualize a wide range of sites in a web browser. By automating the entire data processing process, you can quickly and intuitively check the site through the automatic processing and calibration process just by uploading the data to the platform. In addition, by superimposing the plan height (.dxf) within the platform, the site is virtualized based on strong 3D, and efficient site management is possible with high surveying functions such as 3D plan height-based quantity calculation and multi-section cross-sections”