Uniquegood Company

Uniquegood developing Realworld, a creator-based interactive content platform distributing experiential content without a single line of coding.

Realworld is experiential storytelling platform. You can play thousands of interactive stories as being like super hero through exploring the cities, investigating the clues, solving the missions with colleagues and getting help from hundreds of thousand Realworld’s community members. Realworld also supports immersive technologies such as AR, GPS, Phonecall, Chatbot and so many realistic functions. Incorporating interactive stories and technologies give you great immersive experiences. Moreover Realworld provides Intuitive authoring solution named ‘Realworld Studio’. You can make your own mission games in a very easy way just like assembling Lego puzzles and without any programming knowledges. Now more than 3,000 creators are actively participating to create new games for mobile as well as outdoor and they are distributing more than 4000 games via Realworld app platform.

Realworld now have over 4000 contents through over 80 locals mainly in S.Korea and is growing exponentially.