SaaS ERP and reservation platform for rent-a-car service

KAFLIX operates the first real-time determinable rent-a-car reservation service in Korea based on the AI-based pricing model (Korean patent) utilizing SaaS ERP solution. With this service, customers who use rental cars can clearly and conveniently check the price and insurance. Since 2016, KAFLIX has attempted to expand its business to form of digital transformation in rental car service, which were operated manually within local SMEs before. Finally, KAFLIX attained to build the subscription economy of rent-a-car service in Korea by launching Jeju local rent-a-car service ‘JEJUPASS’ and domestic rent-a-car service ‘MOSAICAR’. Additionally, for now, KAFLIX has been testing the first commercial model of ‘connected car’ in Jeju by installing OBD(On-Board Diagnostics) terminal equipment inside each car. With this service, KAFLIX purpose to provide the new experience to visitors and establish new business model with the platform of the real-time vehicle control system and O2O contents. KAFLIX is convinced that those models would be crucial and innovative in the field of mobility based on rent-a-car services especially in oversea countries, such as Japan, where they want an innovation of digital transformation in that field.