Interact with anyone you desire whenever and wherever you wish.

A “DeepHuman” technology SaaS business solution that can create customized digital human videos close to real time with just a single picture and 30 seconds of voice data.
Face: Many-to-many Face Swap, 3D Face Generation, Make-up Generation
Voice: Voice-Lip Generation, Multi-language TTS
Body: Body Form Generation
Currently used in Broadcast/Education, Exhibits/Museums, Mobility, Finance/Telecom, Ent./Media/OTT, etc.
– Broadcast/Education: Creates customized news anchor/reporter that can report on its own when given a script
– Exhibits/Museums: Makes historical figures or celebrities interact with just a single photo or 30 seconds of voice data
– Mobility: Provides a multilingual virtual tour guide solution for tourists
– Finance/Telecom: Creates a real time digital human chatbot (mobile, web, kiosk, etc.)
– Ent./Media/OTT: AI automatic dubbing technology