Multi-joint robot gripper 'Delto' and robot automation solution capable of gripping irregular objects

We are developing a 3-finger, 12-degree-of-freedom multi-joint robot gripper (Delto Gripper) that can stably handle a variety of objects regardless of the size, shape, or material of the gripped object. Through the grip control algorithm based on force control, various objects can be stably gripped, and the embedded S/W enables immediate use without developing a separate controller.

The self-developed robot integration system can easily integrate robot arms and vision systems from various manufacturers, and using this, we provide an automation solution (bin picking, piece picking, pick and place) using a multi-joint robot gripper and robot arm.

The Delto Gripper and its integrated system make it possible to introduce robots to manufacturing processes and daily tasks that were difficult to respond to without a human, thereby improving process efficiency.