Provides Autonomous Mobile Robots specialized for Warehouses

Floatic is a group of experts who use their own robots and AI technologies to solve the most complex and difficult logistics problems. Focuses on issues arising from the pick-up process within the highly manual-dependent e-commerce distribution center. We have skills and teams ready to listen to your various situations and needs and solve them together.

With an easy and simple deployment that can be operated in one day, we offer an AMR solution that can digitize the pickings that have been difficult to manage. It can be operated immediately the day after the robot arrives, and it can significantly reduce the dependence of workers on picking tasks. It supports various picking processes of customers such as order picking and batch picking, and has an architecture that can be linked directly with most WMSs without further development. Beyond automating simple movement, Floatic offers a robotic solution that can quickly and easily increase the efficiency of the entire distribution center