Develops machine learning-based posture analytic algorithms and distributed pressure sensors that analyze your everyday activities including studying, working and driving to provide solutions for a healthier and more efficient lifestyle.

ALGORIGO developed a smart chair that has a distributed pressured sensor which analyzes the user’s sitting habits with Duoback and launched sitting habit monitoring service, ‘Algo Health’ and self-directed learning management service ‘Algo Study’. Algo Health offers personalized feedback by analyzing the users’ time spent on sitting, posture and movements and, enables officer workers and professional who spend a lot of their day seated to develop a sustainable and proper habit. Algo Study monitors the users’ study hours and level of focus and, enables the users to better concentrate on their studies. These are cloud-based services and they can be accessed remotely from offices, schools, study rooms and private academies.
ALGORIGO’s core capabilities and values apply to future automobiles as well. Working with Hyundai Transys, ALGORIGO is currently in the process of developing a technology that enables the car seats to monitor the passengers’ posture and state. This technology can be used to automatically adjust the seat position for passengers’ safety and comfort and can be integrated with other systems in the car to provide personalized services to the passengers. ALGORIGO dreams of a world where chairs are not just pieces of furniture that you use to sit but service products that help you develop a good habit and a world where cars are not just means of transportation but service products that take care of your health. ALGORIGO is constantly collecting and analyzing data in this world to provide services and solutions that guide you to a better, healthy lifestyle.