Collects information about routes in tourist attractions and facility information by providing action cameras and altimeters to travel guides and mobility assistants who specialize in guiding travelers with disabilities and is currently developing a technology that analyzes those data automatically. Currently, AMUSE TRAVEL is manually collecting data, developing big data projects using providing travel products tailored to travelers with disabilities and information about routes in tourist attractions and facility information.

AMUSE TRAVEL is a travel startup that offers specialized travel products to travelers with physical, visual or developmental disabilities. AMUSE TRAVEL which is always trying to solve the mobility problems travelers with disabilities experience, has developed a website and application which collect pedestrian road POI data, collected 100,000 pieces of POI data by December, 2019 and is now providing routes to tourist sites. AMUSE TRAVEL is also developing a technology that acquires and analyzes video data on tourist sites acquired from travel guides and mobility assistants. There recently has been an increase in the number of travelers with disabilities including inbound travelers with disabilities that are renting electronic, manual, beach and shower wheelchairs and AMUSE TRAVEL has been increasing profits by securing assistive devices and renting out these devices. AMUSE TRAVEL has also secured professionals such as interpreters and sign language guides, mobility assistants who have a high understanding of tourism and travel guides specialized in guiding travelers with disabilities.