Ultra-wide 3D vision sensor for smart robots

AgosVision is developing ArgosVue, an ultra-wide 3D vision sensor that provides smart robots with human-like field-of-view (FOV). ArgosVue has 270 degrees of horizontal FOV and 160 degrees of vertical FOV, which are 3-times wider both in horizontal and vertical compared to conventional 3D cameras. And, compared to LiDAR, the horizontal FOV is as wide as that of LiDAR, and the vertical FOV is 5-times wider than that of LiDAR.
ArgosVue is a 3D vision sensor for autonomous navigation and human-robot interaction of smart robots. ArgosVue can recognize holes and bumps on road surfaces as well as obstacles around the robot, enabling the robot to safely drive in various environments both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it is an innovative 3D sensor for implementing the Human-Robot Interaction, as it can recognize the whole body of a person within a close distance of 50cm.