Carries out research on technologies that connects the world and makes the world a heartwarming place. Developed and supplies home pet robot PIBO, software and content.

CIRCULUS uses robots to create a world where people are connected to each other and to robots. After years of research and development efforts, CIRCULUS was finally able to launch home pet robot ‘PIBO’ for voluntary and involuntary single-person households and single-child families in 2019. PIBO is an emotional robot that uses conversations, situation awareness, object recognition and face recognition to emotionally connect with the user. It also grows emotionally depending on the level of interaction with the user. CIRCULUS also provides a platform where users can develop and share the necessary robot features.
CIRCULUS is constantly developing online sales channels on Naver, Coupang and Gaze Shop and is developing new content working with Korea Tourism Organization and the city of Wonju. CIRCULUS also develops software and AI learning content that use robots to allow you to prepare for the future.
CIRCULUS dreams of a happy world where more people are connecting and interacting with robots.