Generates values through detailed analysis of user content (posts, comments, video reviews) created and distributed on various digital and social networks.

DEEPHIGH is a company that creates values by deep-analyzing various content using AI.
It would be wonderful to be able to understand how other would react and what they’re thinking about. And this is actually happening in the name of social listening or social reaction analysis. It’s basically an attempt to draw strategic insights from social reactions. However, these attempts have not been successful to draw any meaningful insight from people’s reactions.
For example, to understand what people think about the suv, Palisade, people simply figured out which percent of the people showed positive reaction to the suv and which percent of the people showed negative reaction. But what we want to know is what part of Palisade people think positively or negatively. And this thing that enables us to understand who’s showing what kind of reaction, about what are people showing reactions and why are people showing such reaction, is the solution DEEPHIGH is trying to develop.
DEEPHIGH is currently developing a solution that can help those who want understand people’s reactions to Palisade analyze in-depth who (men, women, marital status, with or without children), about what (mileage, comfort, design, visibility) and why they showed positive or negative reactions to Palisade. Also, going beyond analyzing just text-based reactions, DEEPHIGH is trying to develop a solution that can even analyze the people’s reactions displayed in videos.