ELM CAD develops easy and lightweight CAD viewer and PDM system, 3D drawing information(PMI) solution.

ELM CAD provides a CAD viewer that can be used in all manufacturing industries, a PDM system that can systematically manage product development information, and a 3D drawing information solution that can directly display product manufacturing information on 3D shape data.
Viewer has two platforms, Windows and Web, and in the case of Web Viewer, it can be linked with existing systems such as ERP and PLM, and can be viewed on various mobile devices. It also supports real-time screen sharing and chat functions for non-face-to-face collaboration.
Web PDM has functions such as drawing distribution, document management, and BOM management.
It is being supplied at a reasonable price to companies that have difficulty in constructing expensive PDM.

ELM CAD is developing3D PMI solution and CAE (analysis) Pre/Post professional solution, and in the future ELM CAD aims to develop a CAD system that incorporates artificial intelligence technology.