In-cabin sensing AI for autonomous and highly automated vehicles.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Eyeris is a world pioneer and leader in in-vehicle scene understanding AI. The company’s products enable real-time intuitive safety and comfort controls as well as data analytics.

Eyeris in-cabin sensor fusion AI merges data from image, radar and thermal sensor technologies and inferences it on the latest partners’ AI processors to accurately obtain a complete in-vehicle scene understanding – from driver and occupant monitoring to object detection and surface classification – for the purpose of adding intelligence to safety and comfort controls.
The company’s computer vision AI products enable everyday cameras to read people’s facial micro-expressions in real time with unprecedented accuracy. Eyeris’ main verticals include autonomous vehicles for driver monitoring, and social robotics for enhanced human-robot interactions.

Eyeris redefines safety, comfort and convenience for the automotive and new mobility ecosystems.