Carries out research on the impact of colors and light, develops two-tone color therapy solutions that use IoT technologies and runs smart light service, ‘ONIA’.

JUNGGAM’s smart, two-tone color therapy lamp, ONIA collects environmental data and information about the user’s emotions in real-time through ONIA application and gives off light in two colors that best fit the user’s emotions through the top and bottom parts of the lamp. ONIA’s two-tone color therapy system which is based on ASIACT (International Academy of Colour Technologies, UK) is comprised of the top color which helps the user’s consciousness (mental state) and the bottom color which benefits the user’s unconsciousness.
ONIA is a smart IoT lamp and with connected services currently being developed as well as AI-based updates on the information collection and categorization system, the lamp will provide more effective and precise color therapy solutions to the users. Currently, JUNGGAM is working on verifying the effectiveness of the lamp through a PoC project carried out jointly with Hyundai Motors to make the lamp an all-around color therapy lamp that links the home, office and car through connected services.
Using Onia, the user no longer has to be bound to a specific location to receive therapy and can access more personalized light therapy that fits their lifestyle.