Runs parking and car delivery service platform, Itcha. No need to look for a parking space anymore. The parking agent, ‘Linker’ takes your car and parks the car where you want it.

Anything that moves must eventually come to a stop. A mobility solution for a convenient stop, Itcha. Parking is a serious social and economic issue. 40% of all civil complaints to the city of Seoul is regarding parking issues and about KRW 30 trillion of Seoul’s budget is wasted on parking problems. LAST 30MIN’s mobility solution, Itcha increases the sales of parking lots by utilizing space sharing and services, creates new jobs and offers you a new last mile experience. Since incorporation in 2018, Last 30MIN has acquired investment from IMO Ventures in Silicon Valley, investment from Hyundai Motors in 2019 and from Humax Alticast in 2020. LAST 30MIN currently provides Itcha app on AOS and IOS.