Runs car maintenance platform, ‘MYCLE’ which helps the drivers to maintain their car easily and conveniently by allowing them to monitor their car maintenance history, reminding when to replace consumables and connecting them to the nearest service center.

There are nearly 23 million registered cars in this nation but for some reason, it is so difficult to find a reliable service center nearby. Many drivers are also not sure when to get their cars serviced or what kind of service they need. We wanted to make servicing easier for everyone.
MYCLE is a mobile service that helps you maintain your car easily and conveniently. MYCLE allows you to see the maintenance history of your car, reminds you when to replace parts and connects you to the nearest service station.
MYCLE is an O2O car maintenance platform that improves your offline and online car service experience. To make mobile car maintenance convenient, we have made data-linking alliances with oil companies and have made it possible for drivers’ refueling and driving history to automatically link to the MYCLE app. Also, to improve the quality of services provided by service centers, we have made partnerships with more than 100 service centers and car washes across the nation and we are constantly trying to standardize the costs of replacement parts and car washes. Our goal in regards to MYCLE is to build an efficient mobile automobile maintenance platform by effectively analyzing car maintenance data, recommending personalized automobile services and strengthening our partnerships with offline service centers.