Supplies detailed 3D AI maps for developing new mobility services

2D maps we often see are more suited to people driving cars and pedestrians who use public transportation. But it’s difficult to travel safely around using these 2D maps for people who ride on bicycles, electric kickboards or wheelchairs and for autonomous taxis, shuttles and delivery robots.
3D spatial information is essential for humans and new mobility devices to coexist safely and freely. MOBILTECH carries out software and hardware research to 3D scan and model real spaces quickly or in real-time. It’s currently focused on increasing the automation rate of 3D space reconstruction processes and is developing, processing and selling 3D data of real spaces.
MOBILTECH also supplies detailed maps for autonomous cars, shuttles and delivery robots along with a localization API which is a technology that locates your exact location on the map.
MOBILTECH ultimately is aimed at providing a map service that updates in real-time through automated 3D data processing.