The world’s first car commerce service that specializes in digital transformation and platform development.

OWIN is an easy-to-use, online order and payment solution which enables the drivers to order, make automated payments and combine various membership points using its app, OWiN and OWIN’s communication devices installed at affiliated stores (gas stations, stores, retail shops). OWIN currently provides refueling and driver-through (pick up) services and, is planning to make all commercial transactions possible in cars. Customers can use the services at 370 gas stations (GS-Caltex and S-Oil) across the nation. OWIN also opened Ex-OIL gas stations at expressway service areas and has mega franchises such as SPC and regional businesses at affiliated stores. OWIN is currently planning to collaborate with retailers such as CU and is going to install its service system in the AVN of a Renault Samsung car which is expected to be launched in the beginning of 2021. OWIN also collaborates with Hyundai Motors and Kia Motors (POC established with Hyundai Motors).
OWIN is currently planning to have 3,000 gas stations in the nation in its service network by this year and this will make OWIN secure 25% of all gas stations across the nation and significantly improve user convenience and access. OWIN is also planning to link its service with the service provided by Hi Parking which is the largest parking service provider and to launch this integrated service next year. OWIN will link its service with the electronic car recharge systems within 2021 and is currently carrying out research and development projects related to vehicle maintenance and tolling service. OWIN will establish a platform that enables the drivers to carry out all commercial transactions conveniently in cars through the OWiN app.