Runs data portal website, and provides data processing services to enable users to explore data analysis results and create their own data stories.

SEARCHEESE’s is a web portal that categorizes the South Korean population into about 500 personae and provides a variety of data such as population statistics and spending habits. You can search keywords and also set gender, age group and region to find data on specific groups. Data sources, analyses and visualizations are constantly updated. It also processes and visualizes specific data sets upon customer request. SEARCHEESE serves as an inexpensive, flexible and easy-to-use data service.
SEARCHEESE provides complete and personalized research results and enables the users to find information and insights by freely exploring the data analysis results.
The first goal of SEARCHEESE is to make everyone understand the true value of data by providing an easy and fun data experience even if they are not data experts.
Data holds stories and social data especially, is so captivating because it’s dense with groups’ behavioral patterns and ways of thinking. SEARCHEESE tells stories about social phenomena we’ve not been aware of and objective evidences of things we vaguely knew to understand people and societies.
The second goal of SEARCHEESE is to actively commercialize data. Data is a resource and an asset and businesses are actively using, distributing and selling data today. But the most important data consumers and producers are individuals.
SEARCHEESE wants to become a platform that enables the users to use data as an asset, to create value using big data products and to share economic benefits.