Runs YPER, the most convenient, door-to-door car wash service platform.

TEAMYPER runs an O2O car wash service platform called YPER which takes the customer’s car to a hand car wash center and provides premium car wash service.
TEAMYPER uses its car wash service platform to establish a complete vehicle management system.
When the customer applies for a car wash on the app, YPER, a car manager picks up the customer’s car, hand washes the car and brings back the car to the customer. YPER allows the customers to receive premium car wash service conveniently without going to the car wash themselves.
The customer can choose from 4 car wash options – Standard, Interior-Focused, Exterior-Focused and Perfect. The customer can also add other options like waxing and underbody wash.
The customer can check the service progress on the app in real-time.
The price depends on the size of the vehicle and the service can be used in the Gangnam and Seocho regions in Seoul as well as in Bundang, Gyeonggi.