Developed a gaze tracking technology that analyzes users’ state and level of concentration using mobile, web and VR/AR gaze data. Creates new business models and customer values using unique gaze tracking algorithms and technological competitiveness.

VISUAL CAMP supplies technologies to online education, remote testing and UX/UX testing industries. For contact-free services, VISUAL CAMP’s technologies are used to determine the state and level of attention of service users. For remote tests and interviews carried out online, VISUAL CAMP’s technologies are used to monitor the applicants. VISUAL CAMP can also convert gaze data to input data and enable the users to use their gaze for scrolling or turning the pages. When applied to cars, VISUAL CAMP’s technologies which determine the state of the users, can prevent drivers from dozing off and figure out where the drivers are keeping their eyes on the road. Also, using the gaze data, VISUAL CAMP’s technologies can make vehicle-driver communication and selective grading of drivers possible and, link the cars to insurance companies as well.