The common problem that needs to be solved in alternative reality games

Loopntale is a game designer and artist duo consisting of Kim Youngjoo and Cho Hoyeon. 〈Mechanimal〉 is an alternative reality game that proceeds through real-time co-creative storytelling using interactive simulation and social media.

What is interesting about the alternative reality game proposed by Loopntale is that it operates and concludes through the activities of users. Participants engage in the progress of virtual story building that is updated daily on Twitter and in virtual world simulations. Loopntale's alternative reality game, where participants' daily lives can be naturally shared in gameplay, was inspired by the words of Donna Haraway: “We all exist to live together.”
In a virtual world where future species are simulated, someone tweets to ask real people for help. Participants will join the journey to find the missing human manager who created this virtual world. The human manager's laboratory installed in the offline space cannot actually be visited, but they can collect information from virtual world simulations and Twitter, cooperate to play games, and find answers. Loopntale aims to share with participants their thoughts for coexistence with companion species through missions that identify and help claim the status of unknown creatures in the virtual world. What 〈Mechanimal〉 assumes is both a question about the future and the most realistic story we face.