Paravan Sinawi

Sunghyeop Seo
The method and sense to focus on the new discourse of the future, the hybrid

Seo Sunghyeop is a contemporary artist who finds his artistic methodology by questioning ways of thinking such as solid authority or firm dualism. He refuses to be evaluated by established forms, such as principles or hierarchies. In an aesthetic attempt to prove that tradition and modernity, the West and the East, are arbitrary concepts, he has created interesting works in which modern and classic works from “the East” and “the West” are mixed without hierarchy or rules. For example, the architectural styles of churches and temples are combined and the bells of shamans and Catholic saints are blended. In addition, various forms of mixed musical instruments have been created. It may be said that Seo’s method is random, but it cannot be denied that the result looks harmonious and sounds plausible.

These combinations have the form and function of an instrument, which was inspired by a folding screen that divides space in a traditional house or serves as a barrier or decoration. Seo Sunghyeop makes it possible to stand independently one by one through the combined elements of instruments such as strings and drums. These instruments play themselves and make sound through electrical devices. Composed of a string instrument and percussion instrument, the title of the project became〈Paravan Sinawi〉. Although it is called Sinawi, it can be seen that Western string instruments such as the violin and cello are combined in addition to traditional Korean instruments. It is Seo’s attempt at breaking down another boundary through the assemblage of musical instruments and human performers on this ZER01NE DAY program.