atom&bits & WONWOORI
Virtual meditation experience saving the real self

〈ViRsona〉 emerged from the collaboration of 2021 ZER01NE CREATOR WONWOORI and atom&bits. They were both interested in diverse senses and environments and continued to ponder the existence of the multi-persona in the metaverse.

How many personas exist in me? Or how do my existing personas vary throughout the past and the future? Recently, the emergence of an online environment has led to surging attention towards persona. In this context, 〈ViRsona〉 wants to bring up the topic of adverse effect and the concerns of a multi-persona. Will replication and variation of endless persona, when there is immature self-esteem, be positive for contemporary people's mental health? The gap between the real self and the virtual self will be exposed and the confusion caused by such gaps will only increase; therefore, 〈ViRsona〉 seeks ways to strengthen the self, even in today’s virtual environment, by using VR technology and combining biometric data within this virtual environment. It is very interesting to feel and focus on our own bodies even in virtual space. Such a method emerges from meditation, which focuses on the inner self, and will be a new sensory experience in form and content, beyond what exists for us now.