Big Dreams

MinYoung Kim
Destructibility of human society sensed from animals' sensory organs

Minyoung KimxJaehoon Choi explore the possibility of media art to establish an audio-visual interaction and multi-sensory experience environment as a means to reevaluate social issues from diverse perspectives. This work provides an opportunity to look at the world and environmental issues from the perspective of other beings beyond humans by implementing an auditory-centered space where you can experience the sensory system of a whale.

Low-pitched sounds and physical resonances below 40 Hz transmitted from speakers installed on multiple sides of a space embody the auditory network of whales in the oceans in a multi-sensory way. Here, the voice of the participant acts as a trigger to induce real-time synthesizing, and the audience feels the organic relationship with the responding sound environment while experiencing a three-dimensional space composed of sound. In addition, the image beyond the VR headset is a reconstruction of the movement of resonance and destruction of a group of animals, inspired by the group life of whales and their hunting. This visual image shows the coexistence between heterogeneous species that are infinitely connected and constantly influenced by interacting with and changing the voices of other participants. 〈Big Dreams〉reveals the limitations of a human body (sense) and perception through the metaphor of the sea and whales, and "being a different being" beyond human-centered thinking. By inducing the existence of non-human beings through experiencing their sensory methods and communication environments, this work presents the relationship between humanity and non-humans as intertwined, in the face of the crisis of the Anthropocene.