Message from the Other Side of the Galaxy

A journey to reveal the meaning of a message from the other side of the galaxy

Unhappy Circuit has been conducting research on how to combine cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence and electronic music, and the arts. The team is recently discovering ways to deliver messages to intelligent life in outer space. It is discovering new possibilities for a better future by understanding humans from a cosmic perspective and attempting various experiments to deliver messages from the Earth’s cosmic citizens to the other side of the galaxy.

The project is an AR artwork based on the hypothesis that we can communicate with extraterrestrial creatures and experiment with the potential for new mobility through linguistic messages from the human-Earth-universe. The project will be completed through messages found in spots around ZER01NE, which are composed of cosmic languages from the other side of the galaxy, and audiences will encounter various global issues by decoding the messages. Since the pandemic, the Earth we live on and our real lives are going through many changes and there is numerous research going on as part of the restoration. Already many experiments are heading to a new universe beyond Earth proving the hypothesis. Audiences may experience the human-Earth-universe connection and new mobility as a catalyst and mediator for the younger generation through hidden messages and a shared vision for the future.