Eewan Clinic

An invitation to the digital virtual paradise

Atom&bits forms an abnormal immersive environment by combining the arts and technology. Two artists have been actively engaging in projects through story-telling space production and developing immersive systems.

〈eewan clinic〉 prescribes digital nature, referred to as virtual paradise, to audiences by their mind symptoms. It provides moments of relaxation and arousal outside our daily lives and also can be imagined as futuristic clinic centers. For the higher quality of the project, the artist prescribes a personally fitted nature by adopting various data such as personal biodata, including heart rate and oxygen saturation rate, and by applying a deep-learned masterpiece-emotion model. On top of these, SF cinematic imagination and VR technology are added for developing an environment where audiences may be immersed in the prescribed digital nature (virtual paradise). Moreover, the last step of the digital prescription experience includes beverage and moving object prescription, which enables audiences to use various senses such as smell and taste. Such artistic attempts not only provide moments to escape from our daily lives but also raise questions and possibilities on what will constitute rest in the future and how new ways of self-care can be done.