The will to gravity v2.0 Type A

Dakd Jung
The shape of sharing contained in the fluid movement

Dakd Jung expresses the appearance of individuals living in groups in society through the movement of objects or the twisting the structures by making physical changes. These projects move toward the question of the relationship between an individual's life and the institutional environment.

This project, 〈The Will to Gravity v2.0 Type A〉 shows the separation and fusion of fluids, the main medium, by the movement of a structure. The magnetic fluid developed by NASA in the 1960s to fuel and seal spacecraft is currently being used as a sealant to reduce friction with foreign substances on a motor's rotating shaft. The artist is interested in the effectiveness of materials that change over time and pays attention to the changes in materials and forms. The structure that reveals mobility in the exhibition hall is located below the surface and evokes the flow of fluid on the surface. The fluid flowing over time forms an organic relationship in such a way that starts as a lump then breaks into fragments. The fluid and the structure are closely connected to form a single installation, and the fluid goes through the process of dispersing and meeting again against the gravity at the bottom. The shape of the object moves and changes by material properties and displays a flexible shape. Work evokes the principles of composition and formation in the process of recording the state of perception that flows and changes and recognizes objects that gather and spread. The audience encounters individuals changing in society through the shape of fluids that move around, split, and merge.