The will to gravity v2.0 Type B

Dakd Jung
Fluid mobility of space moving towards people

Dakd Jung works on projects that group individuals in society through the movements of objects. Jung also highlights social respect and solicitude by covering the relationship between individual lives and the institutional environment.

〈The Will to Gravity v2.0 Type B〉 is an installation project, closely connecting golden mass and clear fluid on a white curtain. The fluid either flows on the surface or creates a new arrangement by sticking to the mass. The golden mass, with a sense of volume, amplifies the sense of weight, and the fluid, movement centering on the mass, expresses the mobility of power. The golden masses move up and down from their position, grazing and splitting liquids. The movement under the surface causes the mobility of fluid on the surface so that the power is distributed and shared. Jung Dakd amplifies the sensory experience of the space by moving the center while maintaining the balance of power. Aspects of ingredients changed by the external environment capture the landscape and daily lives around us. Through this project, he explores the uniqueness and properties of objects from the relationships between ingredients and reveals the cooperative coexistence in society by combining fluids.