Covenant 1 So..How did it go?

Kwanwoo Park
Fundamental questions for the existence of human beings

Park Kwanwoo has been exploring phenomena appearing on the border of human self-consciousness and identity by using various media such as photography, video, installation, and performance. His works originate from the questioning of outdated concepts, direct special moments or situations to look at or experience daily facts or phenomena anew. Audiences or performers participate as a part of various experimental instruments inside the time-space that Park created to overthrow outdated concepts and daily prejudices through unique experiences.

〈Covenant 1 So . . . How Did It Go?〉 begins from the artist’s questioning of today’s “phenomenon” of showing unconscious and blind trust in technology. Park explains this trust in the same context of religion, similarly positing “trust” and “promise.” Placing the scene at Moriah, where Abraham promises God to sacrifice his son, then replaces the sacrifice with an animal instead, the artist approaches his inquiry through the keywords of promise, desire underneath, and myth. His endless questioning of human identity as the subject of lives and physical existence are connected to the keywords of God-trust-human-fortune, and become the shape of a human—both the subject of civilization and the sacrifice placed at the exhibition. Looking at the life-casted body of the artist—mummy-like, naked, and split in half—various sensory data including sound, light, and smell invoke us to reminisce and inquire into “life” and “death.” At the same time, audiences have the opportunity to reflect upon both the new body connected to the future and the fundamental question of human existence.