2020 : Monolith

Jaemin Yoon, Caroline Reize, Yejin Kim
2020, 2 channel video, color, sound, 10 min

Media artist Yoon Jaemin, Caroline Reize, and robotics engineer and visual artist Yejin Kim look into the issue of social inequity bred by the spread of COVID-19.
2020 : Monolith starts by collecting and analyzing a wide array of data on inequality aggravated by COVID-19. They gather data fragments, whether from data information offered by Google, Apple, WHO, or various research groups or search terms in the social networks or hashtag, figure out the association in each data, and research how those data fragments are influenced by each other. Then, Yejin Kim analyzes and processes datasets using an AI model, and Caroline Reize works on the visualization and Yoon Jaemin on the sounds to come up with the data visual video as the final outcome.
This project is a visual presentation of the structural bias in the days of COVID-19. This leads the audience to consider what really matters in our lives as we live in this time of the prolonged pandemic, and how to redefine our perceptions and behaviors and reorganize society.

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