A Monument for the 8 Utopias

Moonjung Hwang
2020, mixed media, dimension variable

A Monument for the 8 Utopias by installation artist Moonjung Hwang attempts to cast light on the stage called society, utilizing the tendency of a sculpture called a monument to idealize the subject it symbolizes to a certain extent. The monument in this project is made of eight motifs, each assuming a different utopia. As the term implies, utopia infers to something that is hoped for, but quite unfeasible. However, a monument commemorates something that is not attained yet.
A Monument for the 8 Utopias is related to a board game ‘ENOREZ’ created by the artist and Board Night team formed through ZE01NE Future Club. The overarching goal of ENOREZ is to build an ideal world where technology and the ecosystem exist in harmony. The problem is that what the game attempts to realize is not ‘utopia’ but contemporary society. The civilization of the present day has witnessed different ideals to join hands or conflict with each other and come to be tested by the disaster. It is at a crossroads; either to make another leap or crash under the disaster‘s weight.
A Monument for the 8 Utopias, and the board game cynically depict the state of the people today who rely on their belief and memory to commemorate their ideal, or day-to-day stage of life which has yet to come.

DR. strangelove
2020. 11. 18. – 11. 22. 1pm – 7pm
Archetype Seoul
18, Saechang-ro 20ga-gil,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul