AI vs AI : Trojan X

Wonwoo Lee
2020, mixed media, 167 x 80 x 90 츠

Installation artist Wonwoo Lee’s
AI vs AI : Trojan X is a collaboration with Minseo Kim, an AI engineer and architectural designer. Lee and Kim present their new commissions in a showcase format in the same space and set the two AI robots up for a match. These two AIs function under their creators’ names and assume their own identities coming from an artist and an AI expert.
These two robots seem to confirm the present state of AI technology and pose a fundamental question of what art is. Minseo Kim’s AI robot expresses the ever-changing quality of space where the audience is placed while the AI robot of Wonwoo Lee directly intervenes in and responds to the audience by, for instance, drawing a portrait or creating a simple sculpture or painting.
This amusement-like ‘art play’ reveals these robots’ attempts to ‘become art,’ and ‘become human.’ Indeed, AI is the fruit of advances in physical technology, but it moves into the territory of artistic value and humanity through extensive training and learning. This makes AI robots not the object or subject of confrontation that undermines or goes beyond humans’ holy ground of fine art, but the medium for humans to expand and ask questions to themselves.

AI VS AI Artificial Intelligence VS Artistic Intelligence
2020. 11. 12. – 11. 19. 12pm – 6pm
48, Yangnyeong-ro 1-gil,
Gwanak-gu, Seoul