Alors No.1

2020, digital print, dimension variable

C-Node, a collaboration of media artist Hyeki Min and interaction designer Soogyeong Woo, explores the world of color through Artificial Intelligence(AI).
Color recognition process for the brain generally includes not only the lightness and darkness registered through the eyes, but also components such as psychological relationships, learned decisions and concepts, and memory. If an AI can recognize color based on data archives, how would it enable explorations of color? Alors No.1 investigates the possibilities and limitations of color beyond a simple subject, into a communication medium and a compact visual language of art.
We can easily limit an AI’s depiction of subjects as merely recognizing and understanding the world. However, the act of extracting color through deep learning is an experiment that examines the essence of facilitating communication using effective symbols that function as vessels of meaning. Ultimately, this examination approximates the essence of language and searches for the fundamentals of communication.

Project Alors
2020. 11. 9. – 11. 20.