Automatic Sonata

Dooyoung Kim
A mobility experience of arousing daily life into artistic moments by tearing down the boundary between reality and virtual reality

CT3K is a team composed of a professional AR/VR engineer, an aHCI Researcher, and a Graphics Researcher. They formed this team around the notion that automatic driving will fundamentally change the meaning of space in vehicles. CT3K tries to define the new meaning of such spaces and change them into purpose spaces.

The core technology of their project 〈Automatic Sonata〉 is Style-Transfer, an AI technology that transforms the landscape out of windows based on the real-time road and environment information data collected by operating vehicles. The windows of vehicles, acting as a display, cover the eyesight of passengers and create a spatial feeling that crosses over reality and virtual reality. This unique visual experience, combined with repetitive and monotonous landscapes, changes the meaning of vehicles from a means of transport to a valued space.

In this exhibition, audiences can not only see how the real-time landscape changes while driving through three-sided displays and how different these changes can be, but also imagine the potential of mobility space development in the era of automatic driving. The landscape view changes by using three major painting styles of van Gogh, Picasso, and Kandinsky, representative artists of Western modern art with distinct painting styles. CT3K suggests the value of space in vehicles through selectable daily experience and arousing moments that provide a chance to imagine a new future environment.