Camping Life

Jungho Oak
A new perspective for the realization of PBV (Public Built Vehicle)

Oak Jungho has continued projects questioning various issues of contemporary society, covering the entire scope of contemporary art from photography, video, performance, and installation to film. His works—earnest but not serious and humorous but not light—let audiences think upon the other side of social phenomena.

At ZER01NE 2021, 〈Camping Life〉 showcases a video interview of a blind queer dancer and a journalist protesting at a high location despite acrophobia, and portraits of people holding signs written “movement that inspires,” “innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation,” and “Public Built Vehicle.” Through his works, Oak talks about the ironic situation of demonstrating at high places even with acrophobia and questions generalizations and common thoughts on the so-called socially disadvantaged through conversation with the dancer, who is both socially disadvantaged and a social minority. Also, fashion photographs, at first sight, texts written on flags infer that the development of technology will solve all contemporary social issues, but they bitterly say that reality is still too complicated and has too many limitations to dream of a rosy future. The satirical perspective of the artist calling the demonstration “camping life” seems like he’s cautiously suggesting that we need time to think upon, rather than dream of a positive future brought by expansion and the possibility of mobility and technological development.