CLUB Vibration 2020

Dohahm Oh
2020, zorb ball, tactile transducer, bass shaker, AMP, dimension variable

CLUB Vibration 2020 by Dohahm Oh, who is a concert promoter as well as a musician, is an attempt to reconfigure the experience shared between those with hearing impairment and the people without it by zooming in on ‘vibrations,’ the fundamental layer that makes ‘sound’ deep in the experience of listening to music. The essence of this project lies with the fact that it is an instrument that offers the disabled people and the non-disabled people to share senses and rules without excluding music that the people without hearing disability would hear. This instrument allows the audience to understand hearing as an experience of a body by maximizing vibrations. That is to present the eardrum as part of the skin, suggesting that music is not all about ‘hearing’ with one’s ears.
This project was presented in the form of DJing performance for unspecified audiences at Marronier Park in Daehakro in 2019. The issue at hand is that those unspecified persons are literally at risk.
CLUB Vibration 2020 goes one step further to consider a ‘personalized club’ in 2020, a year of the pandemic where human contact is not available. The club is a music listening room for one person in the form of a vibration ball with a massive film around it. A person aboard this ball can ride on multi-faceted experience of listening. By taking such an approach, Dohahm Oh turns the bodily experience of music-vibration-listening into a repertoire and visualizes it.