Complex space with time complexity

2019, 아이패드, 테이블, 합판, 가변설치

Engineer Jun Son explores a new technology that can expand human senses through human-machine interactions.
The project is an AR application that essentially visualizes the way each person uniquely perceives and reacts to the world. It allows users to embody an object or situation in their own way and have it shared with other people. For example, a flower vase in front of a TV can be moved next to a table, and a text bubble or sticker of an image that pops up in the user’s mind can be added. The app not only pushes boundaries of our mind and memory in a virtual space, but also invites others into our world for interaction. The project is Son’s attempt at actively understanding another person’s world through invitation and engagement, as opposed to perceiving other’s worlds based on assumptions and biases.