Sung-hwan Ahn, Kwanwoo Park
2020, performance, dimension variable

Sung-hwan Ahn, an installation artist, and Kwanwoo Park, a visual artist, focus on the current situation where activities in the physical space have been suspended due to the unprecedented pandemic. How can the art genres, in which site-specificity and live performances are essential, overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic? The two artists working in the field of installation art and performance respectively look for a solution in a whole new area other than digital technology.
COOKBOOK is an art platform that allows the audience to carry out a new collaboration as well as existing performances. They created the Cook Book magazine series containing Recipe, a guide, and a Meal Kit, a package of tools used in each work and built a platform to distribute them. The audience/subscribers who purchase Cook Book from the website receive a delivery of a package they chose and follow the procedures elaborated in the Cook Book to do the performance. This allows the audience who cannot enjoy the work in person to use their own body to mimic and experience the performance.
Fun and playful motions in this project refresh the pandemic-ridden, day-to-day lives and encourage the audience to gaze at mundane objects and gestures from a fresh perspective to discover the essence of art without bias or prejudice.

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