Cthulhu Project_Cube Prototype / Cthulhu Project_Cube Structure

Jeongtae Gim, Insung Jo, Hyungil Choi
2020, 3D printed ceramic resin, dimension variable
2020, 3D printed plastic, dimension variable

In Cthulhu Project, Digital artist Jeongtae Gim, nudge engineer Insung Jo, president of 3D-printing startup M.O.P Hyungil Choi use a new material, ceramic resin, to create lighting as part of their 3D printing product research. Bringing their respective field-specific knowledge, the three members convene around several shared interests: technologies of the future of production, namely 3D printers; eco-friendly technologies; divergent structures and practical, everyday products that move away from existing technologies; and methods for registering and recalling spaces.
This project creates an underground world through the interplay of light and shadows. The ‘underground world’ gestures towards research on geological strata and glacial cores in an effort to raise awareness of climate change in the anthropocene. In this sense, the project encourages viewers to not only consider the role of light in seeing in the dark, but also experience the sensations of travelling underground, or to the past.
Cthulhu Project provides various discussions and interpretations on issues concerning the anthropocene, the contactless environment of the post-COVID-19 world, and people’s resulting desire for travels.