Data Circulation System

Jin Seung Jang
2020, mixed media, dimension variable

Data Circulation System by media artist Jin Seung Jang is an experiment to build a ‘data archive system.’ The project, which is an installation representing the circulation of data, has four processes or elements; a mobile robot that actively collects data, a data storage cluster, a data cabinet that visualizes data, and data-based lights integrated with data circulation. Through these, Jang reinterprets the cognitive distortions in the visual perception and cognitive experiences with the project's circulation structure.
The data gathering done by the autonomous robot goes beyond delegating a capacity and authority to the robot to identify particular objects. It aims at securing diversity and scalability in data collection. The data gathered and retrieved here is moved through a two-way mirror to the adjacent room where it is integrated with the data converted into emitting light.
The audience encountering the data cabinet containing a wide array of the display is placed in a physical space of visual experience and hence turns into an ambivalent being as both a subject and an object within a data system. The artist continues to build another original dataset around a series of experiences regarding information circulation structure to redefine cognitive system and cognitive structure while attempting to create a data archive system that is easy to understand and empathize with.

2020. 11. 19. – 12. 2. 1pm – 6pm
Space illi
23, Bibong 2-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul