Decennium Series

2020, trilogy of 4K videos, color, sound

Visual artist EunHee Lee and media artist Jin Seung Jang create a trilogy of short videos that imagine technological phenomena in the near-future Korean society, ten years from now. Decennium series adds futuristic narratives to today’s technological phenomena to highlight the societal issues and discussions on MULTI-HUMANITY and LIQUID MOBILTIY. The three shorts with keywords ‘race,’ ‘labor,’ and ‘education’ depict the future narrative of technoscience through speculative fiction plots.
In the first episode that takes place in 2030, racism unexpectedly disappears after the development of a bioengineering technology that can change the color of the skin. The second episode presents a world without taxi cabs, where platform capitalism and machinic ecosystems thrive. In it, a ‘remote driver’ struggles between the ethical responsibilities of society and businesses. The last episode depicts a future society in which a data-based prediction system forecasts a child’s future development and specialization from birth.
Rather than pointing to a specific phenomenon or precisely conveying a particular story, the three shorts intersect to reveal the issue from their own perspectives. Through such cinematic imagination, we come to witness the realistic and unrealistic snippets of near-future.

Decennium Series : Premiere
2020. 12. 5. 3pm – 5pm,
2020. 12. 6. 1pm – 3pm
Emu Cinema
7, Gyeonghuigung 1-ga-gil,
Jongno-gu, Seoul

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