Expanded Simplicity

Wonbaek Shin
2020, mixed media (filament, conductive liquid, light bulb, electricity), 32 x 32 x 32 cm

Media artist, and a member of the media artist group LOVOT LAB, Wonbaek Shin showcases works that reinterpret the media’s energy as a form of art. Using fractal structures and electric properties, he demonstrates that the concepts of simplicity and repetition can occur together and accompany one another within a single structure. The fractal structure that Shin uses in this project is the Hilbert Curve, a space-filling curve with properties, such as reflexivity, self-similarity and regionality. Forming a three-dimensional Hilbert Curve shape by 3D printing filaments, he conducts electricity through 327.67 meters of a curve structure. By using this geometric shape, the project visualizes the invisible.
This project shows that an object is not necessarily subsumed into a single property, but can exist between and simultaneously express two opposing properties: simplicity and complexity. Through his work, Shin evokes the reasons behind imposing specific judgements and the uncertainty of definitions.