KeunWook Kim
A wearable device as a tool for the extended mind

Based on industrial design, interaction design, and human-computer interaction research, Kim Keunwook discovers new physical interactions between humans and objects through observations of everyday objects and existing technologies. He implements this in an operable form through his art projects. Like his previous work 〈post plant〉, robot inspired by plant, his works offer new possibilities and options for communication between non-living and living creatures beyond human-centered communication methods.

This project 〈headspace〉 is a wearable device that moves or operates in response to information read by vision sensors. Audiences can visit virtual stores where they can see displayed head space devices in the form of headgear and experience them and watch their promotional videos at the exhibition. This project began with questions about tools. We use a lot of tools to maintain our lives. Conversely, life is changed by these tools. Some people passively approach tools to avoid having them define their lives while others actively use tools for convenience in life, while others find new relationships through various approaches and uses of tools. Presently, the tool is no longer a passive object, but a subject of expression. Therefore, 〈headspace〉 asks questions about the present as well as the life to come, which coexist through various devices and machines. How do we express and communicate our emotions and thoughts? How are the objects and tools around us coordinating with us? And how do we accept and understand this? What potential can we uncover?