Immerse into the Exotic

Chan Lee
Building a new relationship between humans and robots by forming new perspectives of robots

Lee Chan is a CREATOR who develops robots and robot services and imagines co-existence with robots in the future mobility environment. He posits that robots will factor deeply in our lives just as the automobile does today, as both expand the scope of experience.

This project was a collaboration with Lee Jieun in projection and object development and Kim Taesoo in space design. The project originated from thoughts on the relationship between mobility robots being developed today and human beings. It aims to help audiences identify themselves as robots by projecting new mobility experiences created by mobility robots in the exhibition hall. The exhibition starts by focusing on the robot's attention to sensing a space through a LIDAR sensor. The exhibition hall is divided into two sections. In each section, robots will move around and project their LIDAR sensor value—their sight—in the form of a projection. Audiences may be immersed in the situation that robots are sensing by observing the new space full of the robots' gaze from a human perspective. Lighting pillars installed in the hall add depth to 2-dimensional projection media and will help robots communicate with audiences in a more stereoscopic way. The project eventually aims to provide audiences with visually intensified robots' “sense of distance.” Viewers will understand and experience the robots' senses in visually communicated colors, rather than just the robots' perspectives provided in rigid binary numbers.
〈Immerse into the Exotic〉 allows people to understand their human perspectives by applying the components of robotic technology and perspectives. What inspiration shall we gain from such perspectives of new existence? This is the new perspective that we will get used to in the future, and it’s the beginning of our relationship-building with robots.