Caroline Reize
2020, 2 channel video, color, sound, 6 min 40 sec

Media artist Caroline Reize has put a focus on the new senses that can be created by digital technologies in a fast-paced society where machines and humans co-exist, as well as the emotions subsequently aroused and, based on this, has produced works that can evoke emotions that have not been put into words yet.
‘KNOSPE’ means a flower bud in German. Imagining a flower bud that appears to be dead but blossoms every year, Caroline Reize has turned a certain sense that is there for sure, although it has not come out yet, into the full bloom of artistic language. As the figure in which the past, the present, and the future are all mingled blossoms on the screen, a strange feeling that words cannot articulate is transformed into a visual pattern, trying to communicate with the audience.
As she learned the Korean language, Caroline Reize came to realize some senses anew, which she hadn’t even known to be there as they cannot be described in her mother tongue. Just like the artist, the artistic language presented in this project enables the audience to realize new feelings and senses. This project delves into the feelings and emotions that transcend linguistic and cultural background to draw out introspection and broaden the notion of senses, which will be transformed by technological innovation of the present and in the near future, as well as the perspective toward it.