Linked List Data

Sungmin Park
Multilateral approaches and interpretations through data reproduction

Park Sungmin conducts sound and performance art activities related to various technologies based on his interest in overall creative activities that use programming. Park takes various approaches to data produced exponentially and expands its presence. As an extension of these interests, he’s introduced 〈Linked List Data〉 this year.

This project raises questions about how we read, interpret, and express countless amounts of data and how we live in them. The data we encounter produces its own meaning as a result. The meaning begins with a different context at the time of data generation, and the inherent gap only amplifies. Among the numerous data circulating on the web, the artist collects and combines it through a method of data linkage or matching to place the shape and meaning generated in the space through images and sounds. To this end, the algorithm he designed collects several references, such as real-time search terms—that is, mass-consumed keywords. And they are amplified, coordinated, and connected with visual and auditory media to be present as a kind of remix expression and media landscape. This set of data that reaches us is inherently biased, giving consent to one and bringing discomfort and doubt to others, which leads to even more diverse and contradictory reactions.